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How a Sample Personal Statement for Residency Can Help You

You may wonder what value there is in reading a sample personal statement for residency, but you can gain a lot of information from such an activity. For one thing you can see how another residency applicant engaged the reader in the narrative he used to persuade the program directors that he was the most suitable candidate for the position. We have several personal statement for residency samples available for you at so that you can learn how to develop your own narrative.

We offer advice and assistance through each residency personal statement sample at because each one is geared towards a different medical field. We can take your personal information and create a unique residency personal statement. Samples are not used in this part of the process. Each statement is written for you from scratch. In addition we will edit your sample personal statement. Residency programs have different requirements and we can ensure that yours meets the program for which you are applying.

Sample Personal Statement for Residency in Neurology

When I was young, Mrs. Helen lived next door to us and was my mother’s best friend. She was very friendly and often came to our house for meals after her husband passed away. Over time it was not hard to notice that her personality was changing although the change was very subtle. She went for long periods of time without speaking and often did not know where she was. After a while, my mother advised her to visit her doctor. This visit resulted in a series of tests that finally determined Mrs. Helen had a large tumor on her brain. She came through the surgery, but it took many months of rehabilitation until she was finally able to come home to her own house.

This experience left an indelible mark on me and had the most influence on my decision to become a doctor. The complexities of the brain have always excited me and learning how this part of the body works is something I have always wanted to learn about. The courses I took in medical school and my encounters with patients through my clinical rotation in Neurology served to reinforce my goal of specializing in this field. I have met many Mrs. Helen’s in the hospital and some of my experiences have not had happy endings. I realize that this is a part of life over which I have very little control, but it is my goal to do what I can to further the study of the nerves and the human brain to prevent disease.

Through the neurology residency at ____________, I hope to be fortunate enough to work under the supervision of Dr. F.G. Fradham. His work and his publications have been an important part of my journey towards reaching my goal. Under his direction I hope to gain a deeper knowledge of how to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses that affect the nervous system and the brain. Armed with the knowledge I hope to gain from my residency I plan to open my own practice in a rural area where there are few specialists of this nature. I know that the long journey to receive neurological medical attention is often as alarming to the patient as is the diagnosis.

I have worked diligently to read all the latest research in neurology and I have submitted an article to the Journal of Neurology. A final decision has not yet been made as to whether it will be published. I look forward to having an opportunity to speak with you in person about my dedication to neurology and my aspirations for the future.

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