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Tips for Writing an Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

One of the best tips for writing an orthopedic residency personal statement comes from the orthopedic writers on the staff of That tip for writing is to create a worksheet to use when reflecting on your experiences, goals and aspirations that you need to include in your orthopedic personal statement. They have provided a worksheet for this purpose and you can adapt it to your own needs.

Sections of a Worksheet for an Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

  1. State three reasons for your choice of an orthopedic residency.
  2. List at least three skills you have that you feel will be valuable to you in this specialization.
  3. Reflect on your experiences and briefly describe three important events that led you in this direction.
  4. List the personal traits you have that will help you succeed in orthopedics. Personal statement writing requires that you demonstrate relevant character traits.
  5. List three personal goals you have for your life in general.
  6. List three goals you have for your professional life.
  7. List three qualities you feel would be important for you in an orthopedic residency. Personal statement requirements mean that this is an aspect that you cannot dismiss in your writing.

How to Write an Excellent Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement

This worksheet may give you the impression that writing an orthopedic personal statement is a daunting task. Even though it is difficult, especially if writing essays is not your strong point, the task is not an insurmountable one. You can get help writing a personal statement for orthopedics or any other specialization in medicine when you come to We have writers that deal exclusively with writing an original orthopedic residency personal statement for each client. The writing is always original and customized to the information we receive with the order. We advise clients to make use of our worksheet to organize the information before they begin any writing. In this way they are able to determine the most important points to include in their orthopedics personal statement. will do far more than writing for you when you need help writing a personal statement. We will also edit your orthopedic residency personal statement, correct any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors and make suggestions of ways in which you can make the introduction and conclusion stronger and more compelling.

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