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Pediatric Residency: Personal Statement Tips and Advice

The most important part of getting accepted into a pediatric residency is to wow the program directors with your pediatric residency personal statement. In essence, this statement is a one-sided conversation with these people who have power over your future as a pediatrician. It is the first step in having a more in-depth conversation in an interview, which is the ultimate goal of writing a great personal statement for pediatric residency. If you have some items of concern on your CV or if you had to repeat one of the courses in the early years of medical school, the pediatrics residency personal statement provides you with an opportunity to offer an explanation.

What Should Your Pediatric Residency Personal Statement Contain?

The expert writers at know that a pediatric residency personal statement should present the directors with an overview of you and your medical skills, as well as your goals for the future. For a personal statement, pediatric residency experts advise that you should include the following main points in your essay:

  • Experiences that started you on your journey into pediatrics
  • What you learned from these experiences
  • Your leadership role in medical school activities or relevant information
  • What you hope to gain from a residency in pediatric medicine
  • How you intend to use the knowledge and skills you learn in the residency.

When selecting the experience to write about in narrative form for a pediatric residency personal statement, it is wise to select the one that is strongest and which had the most effect on you as a doctor. This experience should also involve children so that it is directly related to the writing. It is through a great personal statement for pediatric residency that the directors will decide they want to meet you in person.

Starting to Write a Pediatric Residency Personal Statement

It may be very easy for you to write about the experiences in pediatrics that confirmed your passion for a pediatric residency. Personal statement goals and aspirations might not be a problem either. However, every medical student struggles with the introductory paragraph and the opening sentence in particular when writing a personal statement. Pediatric residency, like all other medical specializations, required a captivating opening that will make the directors sit up and take notice of you and your skills. Spend time drafting various opening statements that fit with the overall theme of your pediatric residency personal statement. We offer exceptional help with writing your personal statement at

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