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Are You Stressed About Writing a General Surgery Residency Personal Statement?

If the answer to the question in the title, then you should know that you are not the only one finding it difficult to write a general surgery residency personal statement. General surgery is one of the branches of surgery that you can select in your residency program as you become the best possible surgeon. You have graduated from medical school, so technically you are a doctor – just not one that can practice yet until you complete your residency. Take it from the personal statement for residency experts at – there is no need to get upset over the process of writing a general surgery personal statement because we can give you all the assistance that you need.

Where to Start with Your General Surgery Residency Requirement

There are several challenges that you have to overcome in order to get started writing your general surgery residency personal statement.

  1. You must know your audience before you start any writing. This means doing your research about the specific residency program and the doctors involved in the program at this hospital.
  2. You will have to write a different general surgery personal statement for every different residency program and there is no doubt you will be applying to more than one.
  3. Read samples of other personal statements for general surgery that we have posted on to get a sense of what is expected of you in this essay.
  4. The goal of writing a general surgery residency personal statement is to persuade the directors who read the essay that you are a worthy applicant and that you should be called for an interview.
  5. Choosing an experience that you had in general surgery during your clerkship may be difficult. Make joy notes about the most memorable ones and choose one for your narrative.

Make Your General Surgery Residency Personal Statement Engaging

The directors of residency programs are very busy and don’t have the time to spend on reading boring writing or pages of repetitive material. Stick to the format and the word count specified by the program. Don’t overestimate your abilities and always write with a positive attitude, even when discussing any weaknesses you may have. Even though you try to be friendly and use humor to get your point across, don’t overdo it. This could be construed as meaning that you don’t take the general surgery residency personal statement seriously.